Gateway Healthcare Professionals is a healthcare recruitment firm founded and based in Richmond, Virginia.  Our mission is to quickly and accurately align the skills and aspirations of our candidates with the strategies and missions of our partners.  We take great pride in fostering such important relationships within the healthcare industry.

As a locally owned and operated business, we have a vested interest in placing only top-quality candidates. We are keenly aware that these are the compassionate professionals who will be taking care of family and loved ones in communities both at home and across the nation.

In 2016 the co-founders of  Gateway Healthcare Professionals purchased Healthstaff, Inc., a seasoned healthcare staffing firm providing clinical staffing solutions with a focus on state and federal contracting opportunities. As a result of this merger of talent, Gateway now boasts over two decades of healthcare staffing experience. Completion of this acquisition has also provided Gateway with the honor and humbling opportunity to care for and serve our nation’s veteran patient population.

Our seasoned recruitment team has decades of strategic recruiting experience. Through consultation services, high-caliber executive relationships, and various customization options, we achieve results time and time again. Our sound credentials and experience have enabled us to become a trusted business partner to organizations of all sizes, including many major acute care hospitals, medical practices and top-ranking companies. Our partners choose Gateway Healthcare Professionals because “we get it right the first time”, filling positions in a timely manner and decreasing costly downtime, and optimizing organizational performance.