Case Study: Trupti

Trupti is an impressive Medical Assistant.

Challenge: Before coming to Gateway, Trupti had struggled to find a suitable career opportunity once she relocated to Virginia from New York. One of Gateway’s clients was in need of a “star” employee and we knew Trupti had the skill set and personality that would thrive in their office environment.

Solution: When Trupti applied to Gateway, we invested the time to learn about her story on a personal level. Gateway recognized talent that other agencies and employers seemed to miss. With one heart-felt call to a trusted partner, we secured an interview for Trupti the following week.

Results: The Coleman Institute was so impressed with the intangible qualities and skill that Trupti had to offer they hired her immediately for a temporary assignment. The Coleman Institute has since hired Trupti on a permanent basis and she is enjoying a fulfilling career helping people overcome addiction.